On the Day

I will do all I can to make the sessions as memorable and entertaining as possible for your pupils!
All I will need for my visit is eight tables to hold all the resources.

I mean business!

I mean business!

The presentations can take place in either a classroom or hall – if a classroom is used then I normally arrange all the tables around the perimeter to hold all the artefacts and activities  with the pupils sitting in on the floor in the middle to start the session.

As the presentations are “hands – on” I normally work with one class at a time – up to a maximum of 45 pupils in a session.
Obviously the smaller the groups the better as I am able to give individual attention to each pupil.

The sessions can be of any length from 45 minutes each to 2 hours, depending on the time available and I will present as many  as needed in either a full day or half day booking.

Piece of rat anyone?

Piece of rat anyone?

As I bring a vast amount of resources with me, I will need to unload my vehicle reasonably near to the presentation room but of course it can be parked in the school car park after unloading.

It will take me about an hour to set everything up and slightly less to pack up again.


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