Spread of Protestant Ideas


  • Denmark-Norway were the first to fully accept protestants
  • Norway and Iceland had violent reactions to the protestants

-Henry 8th/ reformation

  • Henry wanted new wife but Charles the V wouldn’t allow it because that was his aunt and then his aunts daughter would be a bastard. 
  • Henry didn’t like the church’s power so he made himself supreme
  • Also led to dissolution of monasteries: strengthen upper class, tied Tudor and protestant
  • Cromwell was adviser person: changed household, council, and the surplus went to control the deficits
  • Pilgrimage of Grace: pilgrims arrested

-Upholding Protestantism in England

  • “Book of the Common Prayer” was rules for order for services and prayers
  • Mary Tudor- back to Catholicism but died so Elizabeth from Henry’s first marriage took over
  • Under Elizabeth: people had to attend church, they were protestant, and clergy could marry, Mary wanted to assassinate her so her husband Philip sent fleet to Spain


  • Geneva was model of reform “Institutes of the Christian Religion”
  • Absolute sovereignty /omnipotence of God and humans were weak
  • God decided right away who would go to heaven
  • Hard work to please God

-Reformation in Eastern Europe

  • Differing backgrounds would later cause 30 year war
  • In Hungary students who studied at Wittenburg spread Lutheranism
  • People were protestant until Hungarian nobles recognized Habsburg rule. and the Ottoman Turks withdrew then they became Catholic

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