About me

My name is Peter Balanck and I have made over 1,000 presentations in approx 300 schools over the last 4 years.

Peter BalanckAs well and the Tudor period, I will visit schools to present on Ancient Celts and Romans, Saxons and Vikings, Norman, Medieval and Stuart periods.

Just recently I have started workshops on World War Two and “Early Man” from the Stone Age, through Bronze and Iron Ages and the Celts.

As well as being  an avid historian, with published written works, for many years s I have studied antiquities and ancient coins – and have built a large collection.  Some of the artefacts are brought to schools for the children to handle.Peter Balanck Quill

Pupils of all ages and abilities are suitable from nursery onwards including children with special needs who I have found to benefit greatly from  holding and touching the resources and  the activities.

I am enthusiastic and really enjoy presenting the sessions – and have been told many times that this rubs off onto the children!

You can expect me be be courteous and professional and to fit in with the routine of the school.

I do hope I can come and visit!

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