Can I Visit Your School and Present an Amazing Tudor Workshop?

School Tudor Visits

I am about to retire and looking for an individual to take over this business.
For a moderate price, this includes the entire list of schools that have repeat booked over the last eight years,  four websites, and all the amazing artifacts that I take along.     



“I just wanted to say a huge thank you, Peter, for the fabulous workshop day you provided for St Anne’s on Friday. The children got so much out of the day, and were still buzzing with enthusiasm and excitement about the Tudors walking back into school yesterday. I could see just how much information they had soaked up when we did a recount of all they had learned yesterday. Many thanks again, Charlotte Evans (Teacher)
St Anne’s Catholic Primary School”

Henry the eighth and his six wives, the dissolution of the monasteries, and the defense of England by Elizabeth the first, make the Tudor dynasty one of the most eventual periods of English history. My mission is to put flesh on the bones of the past and bring the period to life for children of all ages and abilities in UK schools. Not by making them listen to a long lecture, but by “touching and doing”.


“On Guard!”

A vast selection of Tudor resources are brought to your school for every pupil to handle and examine at length. There will be both original artefacts from the 16th and 17th centuries and museum quality replicas. Pupils can examine and contrast between the eating and drinking utensils used by the rich and the poor. They can handle leather work and armour. No child will ever forget trying on a full chain mail jerkin and helm, wearing gauntlets, pulling back the string of a real longbow, or handling a full sized working replica of a Tudor matchlock musket. They will learn how to spin wool using a traditional spindle whorl by using pieces of sheepskin that have been teased by a pair of carders. An artwork competition will be organized with the children making rubbings from old carvings – and a prize or two awarded.

Striking a Tudor Coin

Striking a Tudor Coin

They will try playing with wooden period toys and writing with a goose quill pen and ink, and, of course, dressing up in period clothes. Everybody (including the teaching staff) can strike a silver half groat coin depicting the portrait of King Henry VIII which they keep to remember the session. Pupils have stated on more than one occassion “This is the Best day at school – ever!”

The resources that we will bring you YOUR school!


  1. Our children had an amazing morning actually handling historical artefacts – no boring lecture just an opportunity to immerse themselves in exploring an investigating. A fantastic range of activities from spinning wool to striking coins and all brought to us. It has stimulated some excellent written work. Thank you Peter.

  2. A hands on experience enjoyed by all the children. Children got to make their own coins, handle all the equipment and learnt a lot which will stick with them due to the nature of the day. Thoroughly enjoyed by all!

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